March 2015

March 2015

Exams are Over!

After six months of hard work, our students from Pu Taw Memorial Junior College in Mae La Camp and the migrant community completed their exams for the Cambridge English proficiency qualification (KET (  / PET ( ). The course tests the students' ability to use English in a variety of different situations. Those that pass will be awarded a certificate that is recognised globally, allowing them to access a wider range of opportunities for further study or work. Our students will find out their results in May - we wish them all the best. Good luck!

What Now?

With the schools on holiday in both the migrant community and the refugee camps, our team in Thailand has been using the time to prepare "toolkits" for the upcoming teacher-training sessions scheduled in the camps in May. Two of our trainers have also travelled again to the camps in the far North to deliver a second week of training for Karenni-Burmese refugees. When the next school year begins, we will continue our partner-teaching and observing. Our new website will be live soon, remember to use the buttons below to keep updated!