Mobile Education Partnerships

Request for applications for the post of Treasurer


Myanmar (Burma) is currently at a critical stage in its history. A military coup has overthrown a democratically elected government creating instability, confusion and civil conflict. One of the sectors that has been worst hit is education. The work of
Mobile Education Partnerships focuses on communities affected by war, poverty and oppression. MEP is an award-winning charity which has been working with such communities inside Myanmar and on the Thai-Myanmar border for nearly 20 years.

Its support for education inside Myanmar is now needed more than ever. With this in mind we would like to recruit the services of a trustee who could take on the role of Treasurer If you are interested in becoming involved in our work and playing a part in the
supporting education at this crucial time in the history of Myanmar then we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Job Description for Treasurer
The Treasurer is a trustee and works in close cooperation with the Finance Manager. The Finance Manager draws up monthly and annual reports, liaises with the auditor and carries out the day-to-day financial affairs of the charity.
The main role of the Treasurer is to liaise with the Finance Manager to:
 Ensure that the financial affairs of the organisation are in keeping with the decisions of the Board
 Ensure that financial affairs are in keeping with UK charity regulations and the
governing documents of the charity
 Ensure proper records are kept
 Report, when required, to the Board on the financial health of the
 Monitor financial procedures
 Appraise financial viability of any plans and projects
 Oversee with the Finance Manager the production of the annual budget
 Lead on appointing and liaising with an independent examiner
 An interest in the nature and context of the work of MEP and a desire to contribute to the wider development of the charity’s programme
 Good communication and interpersonal skills
 Ability to work as a member of a team making a positive contribution to the life of the organisation
 Ability to analyse financial reports and budgets for individual projects
 Ability to provide constructive and proportionate advice in keeping with the context in which MEP works
 An understanding of the difficulties of working in unstable parts of the world

Time commitment
It is difficult to be specific as months vary. Probably about 8 hours a month on average should cover most eventualities apart from attendance at monthly Board meetings. Board meetings are held remotely although an annual face-to-face meeting is usually scheduled.

Graham McNeil, Company Secretary